After Missing Pet


Cat Missing Prevention

If your cat is still safe and sound at home, by taking steps now to prevent a future tragedy is suggested. All cat owners should take these following steps:

  1. Taking a photo – take a clear identification photo of your cat. Take note of any distinctive markings or scars that would make your cat easily identified.
  1. Provide a tag – If your cat can bear to wear a collar, put a tag on it which includes its name and your phone number where you can be contacted.
  1. Micro-chipped your cat – Depending on the country or local council, shire or county you live in, you may be required to micro-chip your cat. Micro-chipping is a process in which tiny computer chip containing information such as the owner contact details and identity details of the cat. It is then planted just beneath the skin.

This process does not hurt the cat at all and will not cause any complications further down the track. The purpose of the chip is to clearly identified the cat and its owner in case that is get lost and picked up by animals shelters or other authorities you can be contacted directly.

  1. Others – try to take notice of any changes around the surrounding area. This can help you to determine your cat's actions.

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