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Dog Missing Prevention

The best way to avoid your dog for going missing is by prevention. There is nothing better to take immediate actions to decrease the chances of anything happening. Let us show you how:

1. Micro-chip your dog and get it register with your local council – Depending on the country or local council, shire or county you live in, you may be required to license and micro-chip your dog. The purpose of the chip is to clearly identified the dog and its owner in case that is
get lost and picked up by animals shelters or other authorities you can be contacted directly.
2. Provide a collar with a tag – If your dog can tolerate to wear a collar, put a tag on it which includes its name and your phone number where you can be contacted. It case it escape and get lost, people who find it can contact you.

3. Repair escape routes around the home – this mean repairing any loose boards and holes in fencing to prevent an escape. Use chicken wire to secure the bottom of fencing and weigh it down with some bricks to prevent the dog from digging or crawling out.

If you dog like to attempt jumping or climbing fences as a way of escape you might either want to build your fence higher or contact a reputable trainer or training school and enroll your dog in it. Jumping and climbing or any other problems such as digging or chewing are behavioral problems. A bit of obedience training will usually do the trick.

4. Secure gates and doors – Fit your gates and doors with springs so that once it opens it would close automatically within a few second. This can limit the chances of the dog escaping. If a gate can be padlock do so, as this can avoid
strangers from entering and stealing the dog or letting the dog get lose.

5. Taking a photo – take a clear identification photo of your dog. Take note of any distinctive markings or scars that would make your dog easily identified. The photo will also become handy if the dog does go a stray.

As an owner you have to understand that no amount of prevention will keep your dog from becoming lost in certain circumstances such as during a major disaster, a rollover car accident, a burglary of your home, or a careless serviceman that leaves the gate open. But little prevention is better than no prevention at all.

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