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Finding Missing Bird

The lost of a pet bird is dreadful. The bird is greatly missed by his/her buddy and desperately needs helps to bring him/her back home to the family it knows.

The chances of finding your bird once you realize it is missing is the best approach because you don't know where it would fly to next. A bird which is kept in captive as a pet usually loses many of its natural instincts such as looking for food, noticing predators and etc. So it is important as an owner to know the best recovering tips for missing birds. Let's start having a look at them:

1. Looking at the right time – the best time is the peak of dawn while it is still dark, and just before dusk. During these time birds are most vocal and just before they become active.
2. Knock on doors – if your bird is tame, it would most likely look for human. So go around your home area and search. Look around trees, shrubs, and surrounding gardens.

3. Distributing flyers – not everyone knows your breed of bird so a photo is preferred. Flyers should be distributed around the area where you think your bird will most likely to be.

4. Putting up posters – use bright color cardboard with large clear description to attract targeted pedestrians and drivers.

5. Ring up animal shelters or local vets – check to see whether your bird has been found and hand in.

6. Placing an ad – put an ad in the local newspaper or on your local "lost pet" website (see: missing pet ad). Also, check out your local paper in the "found pet" section and see has anyone found a bird like yours.

So what should you do if you should happen to find your bird, but it is on a roof top, a high tree or etc? There are many ways that you can try to catch or lure your bird down without making it fly away. Here's how:

  1. If the bird is hungry, try luring it down with some food.
  2. If your bird has been sited on the rooftop or your home or anyone's home, place some food and a small cage on the roof of the house. Usually pet birds will recognize it home and would be willing to go in.
  3. While, in search of your bird take a pillow case or a small cage so when you catch the bird it can be transported home without it getting hurt.
  4. If you see your bird on a tree, climbing the tree and trying to catch it would usually send it flying away. The way is to raise a cage with food to a larger branch near to where the bird is.
  5. Water hoses also works wonders if you can spray your bird shortly after its escape. Spray it with as much water as you can all at once. We know it sound cruel but it is the best way to stop it from leaving the ground the taking off.

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