After Missing Pet


Found Missing Pet

If you ever come across an animal that looks like it is wondering around and don't know what they are doing then there is great possibility that it is lost. Here is what you should do:

  1. Check for tags – for a cat or a dog there is a tag that usually contains the pet's name and a contact number for their owner. For those that has ID number or something that you do not recognize, call the local animal shelter or a local vet. They should be able to assist you with your queries and give you the right information on where to contact.
  1. Do a quick examination of the animal – check to see if there are tattoos on the animal. Usually they can be found in places such as the abdomen, inner thigh, or ear. If you do fine one, contact your county or city animal control office, registry and etc. They will be able to direct you to its owner.
  1. Determine the sex of the animal– check for a spay scar (if it is a female) or a neutered scar (if it is a male).
  1. Check the animal's nails and pads of the feet – by checking the nails you can see how flattened and worn they are and checking the pads of the feet you can see how tough and calloused they are. These can give you an overall idea of how far the pet may have traveled and when it was lost.
  1. Inspect the animal's sternum and rib cage – this can give you an idea for how long it's has been since it has last eaten a regular meal. There should be a little padding, but remember that some breeds of cats and dogs are naturally lean.

  2. Putting up posters – using bright colors card or paper and putting up easy to read signs at places where neighbors and drivers can see are a great idea. Try to include information such as breed of animal, the animal sex (if known), is it an adult or baby, distinguishing markings, and characteristics such as collars, tags or etc. Most important of all is your contact number.
  1. Placing a "found missing pet" in local paper and websites – if the owner is too looking for their pet they would too look at "found missing pet" sections of local newspaper and websites and see whether anyone has found their pet.
  1. Noticing any "lost pet" signs and ads in your local paper – take note of any other posters, leaflets or ads in local paper for lost pet. At the same time the owner will be looking for their pet too.

  2. For birds - If the animal you have found is a bird, check out with your local pet shelter, international lost and found pet services, local vets, and bird breeders in your area to see whether they can help you.

  3. Caring for the animal - If you have problem taking care of the animal you have found, you can contact your local animal shelter, vet or any animal volunteering groups. They would be more then happy to lend a helping hand to look after the animal and help and assist to reunite the pet and its owner.

Meanwhile, the animal and his/her pet owner would be greatly appreciated that you are looking their pet.

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