After Missing Pet


Missing Pet

Everyday there are hundreds of people who lose there beloved pet, be it a cat, dog, bird, ferret, or you name it. If your pet has just gone missing you are not alone. When a family pet goes missing is it very stressful, worrying, and sad for the family especially when young children are involved.

There are various reasons why a pet goes missing from the home. It can range from:

  • Stolen by thefts
  • Doors or windows accidentally left opened
  • Gates in the garden that leads to the outside left opened
  • Being transported away by an originally parked vehicle by accident
  • Loose or damage fencing that allows the pet to escape
  • Purposeful escape from hole dig by the pet itself
  • Purposefully let out by annoyed neighbors
  • An escape of the pet was made due to fright by a person, a thing, another animal and etc.
  • Careless action by owner when taking the pet out for a walk, to the park and etc.

Whatever the reason is, as a responsible owner we must look for our beloved pet. Although finding a lost animal often seems to depend on luck, it is also luck that makes the difference. There are no guarantees, but there are things people who successfully recover their lost pets do that you can do too.

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