After Missing Pet


Missing Pet Ad

When a pet is lost or missing and all searches around the area where it was last seen have been looked at, the next best think to do is to place an ad for "missing pets". There are several ways that this can be done; it can be either by:

  • Making flyers and putting them in letterbox around the neighborhood
  • Making posters and posting them around school, and shopping centers notice boards, bus stops, and anyway that people are able to see them
  • Placing an ad in the local or national newspaper
  • Placing an ad on various quality websites especially for "missing pets"

For an ad to be effective you should provide the following information:

Where the pet was lost – you should include street name or the area where is was lost or last seen.

When the pet was lost – include details of date, in general the time of the day, if known.

A good description of the pet – Giving a breed or species name of the pet is not enough, because not everyone known these. So, also try to include the name of your pet, the size, the color, the sex (if known), any distinguishable markings, and if it has a collar say so and include the color or markings on the collar. Be sure to ensure to mention if the pet is tagged, tattooed, or micro-chipped.

Provide a photo - if you could in your ad, include a recent photo of your pet, as this can say more then a thousand words.

Contact information – ensure that you provide your name, contact phone number (home, work or mobile), email address (if required).

Other useful information – include any other information or circumstance of how your animal is lost can be useful. Things such as what your pet is afraid of, or what your pet likes and attracted to could help.

Reward – Often a reward can attract people’s interest in helping you to search for your pet, so if you going to have a reward include it in your ad.

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