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Missing Puppy

No matter where you live you have seen a poster, a flyer or an ad for "dog missing", but when the sign reads "missing puppy" for most people their heart sinks. Puppies are only baby, hence, their instinct in recognizing, predicting danger and predators, and etc. will not be as high as an adult dog.

So when a puppy is lost it does not whine to attract attention to itself, because they become afraid. It is instinctual for a puppy to remain quiet when they are separated from her pack (in this case its owners). Making noises is likely to further attract predators and cause the puppy to be lunch rather than found.

So if you lose your puppy, remember the following:

  • Immediately notify your neighbors that you have lost your puppy. You can do this by handing out flyers and going door to door in your immediate neighborhood. Also consider placing posters in front of your garden, at public places such as bus stops and community notice boards with detailed information about your puppy, any reward you might be offering, and your contact details (see: missing pet ad).
  • Call your local pound, animal shelters, local vets, animal hospitals, and etc to see if your puppy have been found and handed in. If not, leave your details with them in case they do find it.
  • Get your friends and neighbors to assist you with your search.
  • While searching:
    • Don't just rely on your puppy giving you any verbal signals of where it might be located. If your puppy is frighten it will most likely to remain quite.
    • Look in places such as burrows, inside of sheds, underneath porches, and in shrubs and bushes.
  • Search in the area where you last saw your puppy. Because puppy's instinct is that it will return to the place or spot where it was separated from its owner.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy while you search, as you may find it useful if you find your puppy injured.
  • Notify and alerted everyone once you have located your puppy.
The most important thing an owner should do is to keep some means of identification of their puppy at all times. A collar does not necessary assist in identifying your puppy. If you are looking for more effective methods of identification, tattoo or micro-chip is the preferred.

Preventing the lost of your puppy is by keeping your house and yard secure at all times. Taking the above precautions can ensure that your missing puppy can become a found puppy.

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