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Preventing Missing Bird

We all know that preventing is the best way to avoid the stress of missing any pets and birds are no different. The preventative measure for pet birds will vary a little compare to a cat or dog. Let's see what we can do:

  1. If your bird is allow to freely roam around the house there are several things that you can do to avoid any escape:
  • Secure all doors and windows. Avoid leaving doors that can lead to the outside open. Try fitting on hinges to the doors so that it will automatically shut after you get out. If your windows don't have fly screens avoid opening them as it makes it a great escape path.
  • If your bird likes to sit on your shoulder, avoid taking outside the home in case it flies away.
  • I know this would sound cruel to lots of animal lovers, but have one side of your pet bird wings clipped. This does not hurt the bird at all because you are only clipping the feather of the wing. Why we only clip one side is that if the bird tries to take off it would lose balance and cannot fly high or far. Remember, always ensure that once the feather grows back clip it again.
2. If your bird is kept in an aviary outside in the garden, make sure it is secure at all times. By being secure we mean that it is secure enough so that bird cannot makes its own escape. Clever birds can open cage doors so use something a padlock or plastic pegs to protect it. Security of the cage can also avoid thefts from stealing your bird.

3. We know a lot of owners like to take their pet bird in its cage outside for some fresh air and a bit of sunshine. It is a good idea, but only put it in a place where you can see your bird. This is because there are predators such as cats and other
wild birds that can come and try to attack your bird. And in many instances will knock down the cage with the bird flying out to escape. So make sure you leave it at a place where you can see and secure all doors on the cage.
  1. Many pet birds these days are will often have a small metal ring that is fitted on their foot. This ring contains information about the bird and it allows the owner to recognize the bird. It is a great preventative measure in case your bird does happen to become lost.

These are only some preventative measure that you as a bird owner can take to limit the chances of your bird escape. Good luck!

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